Concerto in B flat Major

Concerto in B flat Major

Dutch piano virtuoso Wibi Soerjadi sits down at his pianoforte to perform his brand new solo piece for the very first time. The audience holds its breath as the master starts playing.


  • August 2015 Pathé, the Netherlands
  • More coming soon

Making-of: Wibi – Striking the Right Chord

Director: Liz el Saadany

Liz el Saadany (1989) graduated as Bachelor of Animation from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Already during her studies Liz got recognized as one of Holland’s most promising animation talents, at the 2013 Netherlands Film Festival, and worked on the feature-length animated film Pim & Pom: The Big Adventure (2014). Her graduation film Follow Through (2014), about keeping the leadership and trust in oneself in sync, was nominated for the Dioraphte Award and shown at numerous film festivals.

Producer: Jiek Weishut

Jiek Weishut is chairman of The Drawing Room, an established animation production and design company in The Netherlands. He has been working in the animation industry since 2003 being the executive producer for numerous animation and design projects. Setting up production pipelines for advertising agencies, production companies and broadcasters. Jiek Weishut is co-founder of KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, co-founder of the Platform BNO Animation and member of the Dutch Animation Producers Association since 2006.


  • Director: Liz el Saadany
  • Art Director: Marjon Haasnoot
  • Producer Jiek Weishut
  • Line Producer Tünde Vollebroek
  • Animation & Studio Production Liz el Saadany, Marjon Haasnoot, Arjen van der Meer


  • Music Composer & Performer: Wibi Soerjadi
  • Music Recording: Rinus Aarts
  • Voices, Foley & Sound Design: Juus Piek (Piek Muziek)
  • Additional Voices: Dennis Impink
  • Final Mix: Jeroen Nadorp (Bob Kommer)


  • DCP Mastering: Roloff de Jeu
  • Special Thanks: Juri Hoedemakers (manager Wibi Soerjadi), Erwin Haasnoot, Junaid Chundrigar, Peggy Knook, Peter Lindhout, Jolijn van Rees, Kees Ostendorf